Daily Routine


Routine gives children the sense of security and helps them develop self-discipline and self-esteem, by providing opportunities for children to eperience success in what they do. Children learn to know what to expect, which reduces anxiety and helps them to settle into the nursery environment.

During the nursery day, children have the opportunity to take part in mainly child-initiated and some adult-led activities, and to choose between quiet and physical activities - all of these meet their needs and help them to develop at their pace. The following aspects are included within our routines:

  • Mealtimes: breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, tea
  • Physical activity: yoga, write dance, wake-up shake-up, daily mile, tummy time, physical literacy
  • Outdoor play: during any weather, using the nursery outdoor play areas, Infant playground, allotments, school fields, St George's Pond
  • Circle times: all children gather in a large group to discuss the weather, days of the week, plans for the day
  • Key group times: planned activities by each child's key person
  • Continuous provision: activities available within the areas of the room - i.e. construction, sand / water, mark making, role play, book area, investigation etc.
  • Teacher time: school readiness with Miss Riley in Pre-school, regular Maths and Literacy interventions in Early Learners
  • Sleep / relaxation time: after lunch in Young Explorers and Early Learners