Nursery Routine

Routine gives children the sense of security and helps them develop self-discipline and self-esteem, by providing opportunities for them to experience success in what they do. Children learn to know what to expect, which reduces anxiety and helps them to settle into the nursery environment.

During the nursery day children have the opportunity to take part in adult-led and child-initiated activities and to choose between quiet and physical activities – all of these meet their needs and help them to develop at their own pace. A typical day is detailed below:

8.00am - We welcome children who attend the breakfast session and help them to settle in with our morning activities. When it is time for breakfast, we all wash our hands and we invite the children to help set the tables. We enjoy our breakfast time together, chatting and eating our tasty and nutritious meal.

8.45am - We welcome our morning children and invite them to join in with activities of their choice, which are available for them in all the play rooms. When everyone is settled it is time for Key Group activities. This is the opportunity for children to spend time with their Key Person and learn through carefully planned, enjoyable activities. Then we enjoy a healthy snack, which is freshly prepared by our chefs.

Next, our Free Flow session begins, where children from all age groups are invited to choose fun activities on offer, and children over two years of age may choose where they wish to play, for example in one of the playrooms or outside.

Activities include messy play such as sand, water or an art activity, construction, small world, role play, mark making, play dough, threading, jigsaws, ICT and even more.

This is an occasion for exploring a range of toys and other resources with friends and our staff and for enjoying books and nursery rhymes.

Phonics and Maths opportunities are available to all children throughout the day, and are either delivered through focused, adult-led activities or through general play activities.

At the end of this session we say goodbye to children who go home and get ready for lunch.

11.45am - We welcome children who join us for this session. Lunch takes place over two sittings and consists of a  freshly prepared main meal and a healthy pudding. We invite children to serve themselves, we sing our grace and and we practise our table manners. Lunch time is a time of happy and relaxed, social sharing.

After lunch we play outside and those who need a rest have a little nap. We also say goodbye to children who go home.

12.45pm - We welcome our afternoon children, who start their session with an activity of their choice, followed by Key Group, snack and Free Flow activities. We finish this session with a large group time, where we enjoy a selection of educational programmes on the whiteboard, e.g. Sounds and Letters, or we choose to sing our favourite nursery rhymes or read some stories. 

3.45pm - We say goodbye to those children who go home and prepare for tea. This session gives children the opportunity to have some relaxing time at the end of the day and to enjoy a tasty meal and some exciting tea time activities either indoors or outdoors.

6.00pm - Nursery closes at 6.00pm promptly

The Nursery also offers enhancement activities throughout the week.  These include Ball Skills, Music Box, Write Dance, Stretch’n’Grow, Hymn Practice at the School and Baking Club. All of these activities are very much enjoyed by the children and there is no additional charge for them.

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