Success Stories


Meet HAYLEY...


... she first walked through the door of St Vincent's Nursery as a 17-year old Teatime Assistant, working a couple of evenings a week helping out where necessary whilst studying towards her Level 3 qualification in Childcare. Fast forward 15 years, and Hayley is now the Nursery Deputy Manager... irreplaceable and well and truly stuck with us!

Hayley always had a passion for childcare, ever since as a little girl she role-played 'teachers' with her dolls and a chalk board!! And it is exactly thanks to this passion and unwavering dedication that Hayley's career sky-rocketed from a Teatime Assistant to a Qualified Practitioner, to a Room Leader, to a Third in Charge... to where she is now. She also gained many qualifications along the way, with her latest one being Level 5 in Leadership and Management.

15 years and 2 children later, Hayley's commitment to our nursery and her visible love for what she does is as clear as it was back then, when she was fresh out of college and ready for what life throws her way... 




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Back in 2013, young 16-year old Gina applied for an Early Years Apprentice position... fresh out of secondary school, eager and ready to learn, she could have chosen any career path she wanted. But coming from a very large family and always being around younger siblings, she was destined for work in childcare.

From day one, Georgina took to the role like a duck to water. By the time she finished her Level 3 qualification, her card had already been marked for higher roles in the nursery thanks to her dedication, passion for working with children and natural ability to form incredible attachments with the littlest residents in the nursery.

8 years later, Georgina is now a Room Leader in our Young Explorers room, putting her own stamp on the room and leading her team from strength to strength.