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Our New Nursery Council , by Josh Bullock

Date: 31st Mar 2017 @ 11:28am

The Pre-school children now have their new Nursery Council Members, every child was given a special vote for one person in their key group and the child with the most votes from each group became their representative. The Council members will be given the opportunity to talk about their favourite things about nursery, any new activities or games they would like to play as well as brain storming new ideas for our 'Phonics Wellie Walks'.

Pre-school Phonics 'Wellie Walks', by Bullock

Date: 25th Apr 2016 @ 5:13pm

Recently we have introduced a weekly 'Wellie Walk' into the routine of our Pre-school room. This activity is an opportunity for the children to explore an outside environment whilst also taking part in an active phonics lesson.

Each week we change the focus of the walk to match our sound of the week, our previous walks have used the sounds; 't', 'n', 'i' and 'p'.

During our first walk the children explored the school field in their wellies to find items starting with the sound 't'. They had to search high and low as well as searching through the long grass. Our other activities have encouraged the children to work as a team to find as many items and printed words starting with their sound as possible.

During our future walks the children will continue to find items starting with our sound of the week and they will also find items which rhyme with their word or picture, hopefully in beautiful sunshine.

Nursery Topic's , by Josh Bullock

Date: 10th Oct 2016 @ 7:16pm

Throughout each of our nursery rooms we have a monthly topic, which changes on a month to month basis. These topics are used to help the children engage with the activities and lessons which the rooms indiviually create. We try to create topics and themes which spark the childrens imagination and encourage them to take part in each of our activities and to love learning new things.

Some of the topics which we have previously used have been; Safety Month, Water, Christmas and Me and my body.

During safety month, the pre-school room concentrated upon 'people who help us and keep us safe'. The children really engaged with each of the different jobs which we concentrated upon during the month. One of our parents who works for the Fire Service brought some equiptment in to show the Pre-school and the Early Learner children. 'Fireman Tom' also talked to the children about how we keep safe whilst at home and who they need to call if they need help. The children loved dressing up in the safety equpitment and for the rest of the week really enjoyed 'putting out fires' and recognising numbers on the Firemans ladder as they walked through it on the floor.

Stretch n Grow Starts on Friday Afternoon, by Karen Colgan

Date: 2nd Sep 2015 @ 2:52pm

Stretch n Grow classes start on Friday 3rd September 2015 for all Early Learner and Preschool Groups who attend in the afternoon.  These sessions are always great fun!

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