Annual Development Plan Update




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Throughout our development plan this year we continue to recognise the impact that the events of the last two years have had on the children's personal, social and emotional development, as well as communication and language, and explore a range of strategies to support these areas in order to ensure that the children's individual needs are met to an exceptional standard.

We will offer an outstanding level of care and education, introduce new and strengthen current initiatives to help the children identify their own way to express their feelings and emotions, communicate their needs and develop important life skills that are associated with these prime areas of learning. 

We strive to achieve this through providing the right learning environment inspired by the Curiosity Approach ethos, developing strong but fluid routines and channeling our curriculum focus through the area of Expressive Arts and Design.



Once every half term, we have a Well-being Day. Each Well-being day follows a different theme and focuses on emotional well-being and how to take good care of it, including developing successful self-care strategies.

Our Well-being Days are 'no technology' days. All technology stays locked away and the focus is purely on the children and adults.

Our latest Well-being day was centred around the theme 'Aromatherapy'. The children were introduced to a variety of self-care techniques, such as lavender foot spas, making tea tree and eucalyptus shower melts and bath bombs, yoghurt and cucumber face masks and relxing head massages.


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