Meal Times

8.00am Breakfast
9.45am Healthy snack and drink



Lunch and dessert - Young Explorers and Early Learners

Lunch and dessert - Pre-school

2.00pm Healthy snack and drink
4.00pm Evening tea


We ensure that:

Whilst in nursery our children receive: a balanced and healthy breakfast, a freshly prepared hot midday meal, a freshly prepared tea and two daily snacks, which are provided for children attending a full day at the nursery.

Our menus are planned in advance, rotated regularly and reflect cultural diversity and variation. They are also importantly adapted for each childs indiviual dietary requirements. The menu of the week will also be displayed on each rooms notice board.

Every room has access to fresh drinking water available from our water coolers, so every child can keep themselves hydrated throughout the day.

Individual dietary requirements will be respected. We will gather information from parents regarding their children’s dietary needs including any allergies. Where appropriate we will carry out a risk assessment in the case of allergies and work alongside parents to put into place an individual diet plan for their child.

Weekly menus are displayed on the notice board in the entrance hall for Pre-school children and within each of the rooms of the Early Learners and Young Explorers.

Below are a selection of Sample menus

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