At St Vincent's Nursery we work with children, parents, external agencies and the community to ensure the welfare and safety of children and to give them the very best start in life. Children have the right to be treated with respect, be helped to thrive and to be safe from any abuse in whatever form.

It is our primary responsibility to support the children within our care, protect them from maltreatment and have robust procedures in place to prevent the impairment of their health & development.

Our full Safeguarding Children Policy can be accessed here.

Designated Safeguarding Officer:

Ivana Beckett

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer:

Hayley Golden

Staff trained in Advanced Safeguarding:

Chloe Chester, Georgina Robins-Rigg, Danielle Cobbledick, Carla Haslam, Charlotte Pickering

We adhere to all statutory guidance listed below:


Safeguarding Newsletters:

Safeguarding newsletter Autumn 2022