Activities & Clubs


Staff members operate their own 'mini clubs' throughout the week where the children have an opportunity to extend their own interests and develop curiosity.


In the SPRING 2 half term, we will be following the topic 'PEOPLE WHO HELP US'. We will be celebrating the amazing work of our key workers such as:

  • Police - through creating police badges and recognising the uniqueness of our fingerprints
  • Firefighters - through looking at the science behind their work and joining in with 'Fire Cup Knockdown'
  • Vets - through lots of animal crafts and learning about animal x-rays
  • Teachers - through lots of role play activities and creating presentations on our favourite topics
  • NHS - through making own x-rays, learning about first aid and finding ways to care for one another


Furthermore, we will be celebrating lots of events such as World Yoga Day (22nd February), World Book Day (4th March), International Day of Happiness (23rd March), Holi (28th March), Vincent van Gogh's birthday (30th March) and Easter