Important Dates & Events


Dates for all nursery events are set in advance for the academic year in order to give our families as much notice as possible. Nursery events can be attended by parents, grandparents or other close relatives, unless specified by the event itself, such as Mothers' Day Tea Party, Fathers' Day Garden Party or Grandparents' Tea Party.


Changes to any events will only happen if unforseen circumstances make us do so. Families will always be given as much notice as possible of any changes to the dates. Cancellations of events will only occur in extreme circumstances and when all other options have been explored.


Click on the link below to see our events schedule for the academic year 2021/22. We will need to review each and every event on an individual basis in line with the latest government guidelines, especially those that require parental attendance at the nursery, and confirm whether or not we are able to go ahead with it.


Diary Dates 2021/22