Daily Mile Marathon Challenge


The whole team at St Vincent’s Nursery, Altrincham, show outstanding commitment to giving the children who attend their setting the best possible start in life through educating and supporting the children in making healthy choices in all aspects of their lives in order to develop habits that will promote both their physical and mental health and well-being and equip them for the future.

In March 2018 the children and team signed up for The Daily Mile, an activity where they take part in a 15-minute run / jog each morning, in the fresh air, alongside their friends, which is aimed at improving their physical, social and emotional well-being.

Ivana Beckett, Nursery Manager, said that ‘From day one, the daily mile has become firmly embedded within our daily routine and the children know that they go and do their mile first thing in the morning, they have been well educated of the benefits of this and the effect that it has not only on their bodies but also their focus and behaviour.’

On the 18th June the Pre-school children embarked on a big challenge to complete a full marathon in 6 weeks, with the final mile being run on the 26th July, last day of the term, at 10am. The nursery parents, who have been very much on board with this challenge and have supported their children through the daily mile, have been invited to run the last mile with the children and the team. The race numbers are at the ready and the nursery chef is in charge of homemade post-run energy-boosting refreshments.

Ivana went on to say that ‘It has been amazing to watch the children progress and improve day by day over the last 6 weeks, especially listen to how their whole attitude to running and fitness in general has changed. When asked about the daily mile they have made comments such as ‘I ran around like 20 times, I wanted to do more’ or ‘My heart was moving and pumping the blood, it feels like it’s jumping!’ What’s even more incredible is that whilst we started off the daily mile with Pre-school children only, the other age groups have now joined in too, including our youngest residents of 15-18 months of age. The effort, stamina and sheer determination all the children have shown has been truly astonishing.’

On Thursday 26th July at 10am the whole nursery has come as one to run the last mile of our Marathon Challenge – the children, team, families and wider community, and we have also been joined by a representative from Greater Sport, a high performing charity whose mission it is to make Greater Manchester the most active region in England and who work with the Mayor of Greater Manchester on their strategy to get ‘Greater Manchester Moving’.

Ivana added that ‘We feel incredibly privileged to have Greater Sport behind us for this challenge; what’s more, we have decided to turn this event into a fundraiser for a local children’s charity, the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, who provide a variety of programmes for terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children from all over the North West, and who may never be able to run a daily mile like we do.’

This has been a remarkable event for the St Vincent’s Nursery community and is only the very beginning of the nursery’s mission to achieve ‘healthy, happy me’ within all children in their care.