'Eggciting' Easter Fun

Class: Young Explorers Year: 2017 - 2018

During the past few weeks the children have been enjoying taking part in a wide variety of Easter activities.

The pre-school children were able to attend the Infant's Mass with Father Martin, who talked to them about the meaning of their Easter eggs. Throughout the room they have had the opportunity to create Easter cards and pictures using lots of different materials and have also found lots of easter eggs, picking them up carefully with their tweezers.

The Early Learners have been growing pumpkins, beans and grass for their easter activities as well as creating their own Easter cards to take home for their family. The children have also used potatoes to print colourful Easter egg patterns.

The Young Explorers have been discovering new textures in their tough tray. They have been searching through; lentles, coloured oats and coloured rice, to find and count Easter eggs hidden in the tray. They have also enjoyed making the

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